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Electric add-on for baby stroller

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*Design award in Envo next move -green micro-mobility design competition

Flipo+ is an electric add-on board designed to attach to various stroller brands, including Bugaboo and Cybex. It offers a unique solution that enables parents to navigate the city easily with their babies while providing a safe and comfortable ride.

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Flipo's Controller


Flipo+ is activated and controlled by a wireless remote control, making it easy to use the throttles, provides a long-lasting battery life for up to 15 km and has a speed limit of 12 km/h.          



Development Concept


Throughout the project, I faced challenges in balancing parental comfort and baby safety. Designing a versatile connector for various strollers and enabling seamless folding without disrupting the parent's walking experience were crucial tasks. Overcoming these hurdles involved innovative problem-solving to create a product prioritizing safety and convenience while seamlessly integrating with existing strollers.

Frame 4.png

Its intuitive foot-activated button releases a telescopic rod for

easy folding and flipping under the stroller for conventional

use, or back up for motorized transport, upgrading the daily experience for parent and babyThe design language of the product takes inspiration from the tubular nature of baby strollers. Each design choice aims to create an organic and clean shape that seamlessly integrates with the world of strollers.


full product video

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Thank you!

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