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Introducing a series of lighting fixtures designed to raise a smile. These fixtures come to life through an innovative mechanical mechanism, seamlessly activated by the user's touch. Each individual piece is brought to light through a carefully crafted gesture, create a unique connection between the user and the illuminating.

It's all about the details of Lumos

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Character of Movement
Throughout the project journey,

My focus was on infusing movement with character, resulting in a lively product brimming with personality.

I aimed to strengthen the bond between user and product, igniting a desire to engage and activate. 

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My exploration began with the search for emotion-laden keywords, drawing inspiration from the captivating world of animation. By incorporating these values, I crafted a design that fosters a sense of closeness and connection, elevating the user experience to new heights.

Challenges along the way

Throughout the process, I examined various aspects including

movement, mechanics, proportions, materials, and other technical

and design considerations. To conduct comprehensive tests,

I planned models that allowed me to refine my designs.

These iterative models played a crucial role in shaping

the final series I ultimately created.

The project presented a multifaceted challenge of managing and

supervising three essential development aspects: interaction with

the product, which included designing electrical switches that turn

on the light when the rope is pulled. development and testing of

a mechanism, and creating a cohesive design language.
Furthermore, I gained experience in overseeing the development of

a series that includes three different products at the same time.

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The floor lighting fixture is designed to illuminate seating areas, large rooms,

and sitting corners. It serves as additional lighting to complement the general illumination in the room. 

Highly is activated by pulling and releasing. The mechanical principle that enables the locking of the axis of movement is geometrical locking, the body can be stopped at any stage of its range of motion.

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The large wall-mounted lighting fixture provides flood lighting and ambient illumination, making it suitable for corridors and passages. Lofty is activated by turning the line button, the rotation loosens and locks the screw and allows movement along the vertical axis.

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A small wall mounted light fixture, produces gentle and warm lighting with a dim initial phase and later on the movement more focused lighting, suitable for a bedroom, can be used as a reading lamp or bedside lamp.

Romy is activated by a rotary axis that enables a wide range of movement within its boundaries.


full product video

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