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Chair Project

Chair joints that stretch the limits of the material

chair front detail.png
chair front.png

Introducing a chair made of two materials: the legs

of the chair are constructed from pine wood, while the seat and backrest are made of black-painted metal.
The legs of the chair are threaded into holes created in the metal, securing the shape through the manipulation done in the wood. This creates a strong and distinctive connection that does not necessitate any additional intervention.

close up.png

Pushing the limits of the material

In the project, the main goal was to find a unique metal-wood connection. Extensive testing revealed the intriguing sponge-like behavior of pine trees, which can shrink by about half their original thickness when compressed.

magical connection

During the chair's design development, I implemented a method for creating the joints. This involved placing the connection areas in boiling water, followed by pressing and drying them.

The treated parts were then inserted into corresponding holes, and a final immersion in boiling water restored the wood to its original size, creating the magical connection.

Untitled 23.png

Thank you!

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